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With energy costs on the rise, building automation monitor and track temperature setpoints, kWh, and demand levels.  Our systems allow users to see where energy dollars are being spent.  Envirotrols Group works with its customers to reduce their energy usage thereby saving money.

Envirotrols Group has helped cut energy consumption in various applications.  The ASI Controls Telco Panel was developed in 1996, and takes direct digital control of the HVAC Equipment in telecom facilities.  It provides energy savings through occupied/ unoccupied settings and tighter control of building temperatures.

For storage company customers, we have helped reduce energy usage by monitoring and controlling the total energy consumption in each building.  Using ASI controllers and DENT power meters we can attain an overall decrease of energy demand charges.  Demand control is a key factor in not only energy management, but continued financial savings.

For more information on building automation and our web-based system, please call us for a live web-based demonstration, or choose one of the links below to find out more on the savings you could gain:
ASI Controls

State of the Art Controls

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