ASI Telco Panel

The ASI Controls Telco Panel was developed in 1996 for use in the telecommunications industry.

The Telco Panel is a cost effective stand-alone building automation system (BAS) designed for use in central offices, dial offices, shelters, and administrative buildings.  Its features include:

  • Direct Digital controls of HVAC Equipment
  • Remote dial-in or network connection to sites to verify system operation
  • Alarm-out when temperatures drift out of range or equipment fails
  • Log alarm history and significant events in system operation
  • Remote start and stop of equipment
  • Direct integration with "V" Module on Bard manufacturing wall-mount units
  • Energy savings through occupied/unoccupied settings and tighter controls of building temperatures
  • Detailed documentation for easy installation
  • Windows-Based user screens

The Telco Panel will monitor the following:

  • Space, discharge, and outdoor air temperatures
  • Start and run time of equipment
  • Alarm conditions of generators
  • DC power load and voltage

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