Verizon’s Altoona Work Center
                                                                 3615 Beale Avenue, Altoona, PA

The Altoona WC is a single-story building comprised of 26.633 sq. feet.  Primary uses are 50% garage; 28% office; 14% storage; 8% mechanical.  

Objective: To reduce electric consumption and lower demand, achieving payback in less than 2 years.

Items controlled:
  • Garage area – 6 heaters
  • Mechanic shop – 3 heaters
  • Shop – 3 heaters
  • Office area – one unit with
        two stages cooling and 4 
        stages of heating 
  • Storage area – 5 heaters
  • Hot water heater
  • Mechanical room heater

Courses of action implemented:
  • Installed one ASI Controls Telco Panel and two ASI 8540 panels, each equipped with Expert software.  (Web-based front-end was offered as part of the package but static IP address unable to be provided by customer.  This feature can allow access to site over the internet and is available if static IP address can be made available.)
  • Installed one Dent Power Meter .  The power meter enables us to monitor demand, kW consumption, amperage and voltage on each phase, power factor, all in real time. 
  • Verizon’s standards for heating and cooling setpoints implemented
  • Developed occupied and unoccupied schedules for the HVAC units; provided push-buttons on wall sensors to give timed overrides to employees working hours outside of the occupied schedule (e.g., mechanics working in the garage in the evening)
  • Locked heaters out when garage doors are open
  • When outside air temperature is over 55 degrees F, heaters for all areas (except offices) are locked out
  • Stagger start of all HVAC equipment to prevent spike in demand
  • Operation of HVAC equipment staged upon kW demand to lower demand
  • Implementation of counters and trends.  Counters allow us to look at equipment start and run times and garage door activity.  Trends allow us to verify we are maintaining temperature, review power consumption, and note demand events.  All this data is used to further refine the operation of the system to make it even more efficient.

Since the system was installed on October 28, consumption has been 12,000 kW.  For the period October 21 to November 18, 2009 consumption was 27,600 kW.  Demand so far is 37 kW; last year demand for this month was 112 kW.

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