​Bard began their business in 1914 as innovators in the HVAC industry.
    Over 90 years later they still prove to be dedicated to the progressively changing needs
    of their customers with their commitment to research and development. 

    Bard firmly stands behind every piece of equipment they sell and that is why they do not make their equipment obsolete.
    Older equipment can be retrofitted with a kit that meets the current air quality standards and energy conservation needs of today.  
    Envirotrols Group represents a line of climate control solutions that Bard has specifically designed for school environments.
    Bard has combined quiet operation, energy conservation, patented ventilation packages,
    and unsurpassed dependability to meet the needs of today’s school district.

    Architects, Engineers, Administrators, Installers all agree Bard is a smart choice for schools around the world.
    Whatever the reason;
    Energy Efficiency
    New Construction
​    Invisible comfort makes Bard stand apart.

    Our I-TEC units blend into the classroom with magnetic dry erase board covers, 
    and increase useable school square footage by eliminating the need for equipment rooms.

    Our exterior mounted units offer the same quality, dependability and quiet operation. 
    And, Bard helps fit your design into your client’s time and budget constraints by eliminating costly piping,
     duct-work and fire dampers while significantly reducing installation time.

    Discover Bard’s innovative products,
    Wall-Mount A/C 60hz
    Wall-Mount A/C 50hz
    Wall-Mount Heat Pumps
    Wall-Mount Gas/Electric Units
    I-TEC Heat Pump Series    
    Q-Tec Heat Pump Series

    The Q-Tec Series are interior stand-alone unit ventilators that come in a variety of designs.
    QH Series Air-To-Air Heat Pump Unit
    QW SeriesGround Source Heat Pump Unit
    QC Series
    Chilled Water Units

    Bard is the leading manufacturer of wall mount units. They have sold more wall mount units than all of the their competitors combined. School Envirotrols offers Bard exterior wall-mounted     units. These are designed to meet the needs of a smaller sized classroom because they do not take up any floor space.

    SH SeriesWall-Mount Heat Pump Unit
    WA Series Wall-Mount Air Conditioning Unit
    WG SeriesWall-Mount Gas/Electric Unit
    WH SeriesWall-Mount Heat Pump Unit
    CH SeriesWall-Mount Heat Pump Unit
    With so many choices, we are sure to have the solution for your climate control issues.

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