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Q-Tec Photos

Please, browse through this gallery to see how versatile the Bard Q-Tec can be.  These photos show how the Q-Tec can be appealing to the eye, as well as the pocketbook.
Mispillion Elementary School in Milford, DE
Rear view of Mispillion Elementary.  Notice the HVAC Grilles integrated into the construction of the building.
The front of the school is also equipped with HVAC Grilles.
Solar Panels on the roof of Mispillion Elementary School
Mispillion Elementary School Roof
Mispillion Elementary HVAC Grilles for each room.
Mispillion Elementary HVAC enclosure for new units.
Another view of the HVAC enclosure built for the Q-Tec.
Hallway in Mispillion Elementary.
Mispillion Elementary School.
Q-Tec fitted into a classroom
Q-Tec incorporated into counter space in a classroom
HVAC Grille for a second story unit
Center window modified to accomidate Q-Tec installation
Window Grille before Q-Tec installation
Exhaust grille for a single story unit, built flush with the wall after Q-Tec installation
Q-Tec blends in with classroom enviroment.
Q-Tec easily integrated into a Classroom at Leeds Elementary School in Cecil County, Maryland.
A teacher at Leeds Elementary School,  uses the room's Q-Tec to display papers.
To learn more about this amazing Unit check out our Q-Tec Page or call Laurie Vernon today.  Or watch our new Q-Tec Video that shows the many different applications the Q-Tec offers.

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