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Envirotrols Group, Inc. has been saving energy for
companies since 2001 in various applications 
including government buildings, telecommunications 
facilities and self storage industry structures.  With 
the use of ASI Controls and Dent Power Scouts™, 
Envirotrols Group has successfully and steadily 
worked in the self storage industry to reduce energy cost 
and consumption by designing a web-based platform 
accessible anywhere via Internet for its customers.

A national self storage company contacted Envirotrols Group with current high energy costs and concerns about future utility costs.  In October 2008, Envirotrols Group completed installation of controls in a Bronx, NY climate-controlled self storage facility.

 This facility
  • Reached ROI in just 9 months
  • Saved 31.36% on energy consumption in after 21 months
  • Maintains an average of around 30% reduction in energy usage & cost after 2 years of installation

The customer expanded its energy reductions by installing Envirotrols Group’s energy management system in all multilevel, climate-controlled facilities across the nation.

A total of  
  • 654 HVAC pieces of equipment
  • 3,545,666 square ft of storage (equivalent to 61 football fields)
  • 42.76% kWh was saved and $24,988.82 savings were reached in only three months by 7 stores in NJ, NY, and PA in the summer of 2009.

By the end of 2010, Envirotrols Group projects a savings of $303,998.82 from energy cost reductions and HVAC maintenance cost savings for this customer.  The client will continue to save 29% to 42% in energy consumption annually.  

“To maximize our energy savings, we wanted to partner with a company that offered a web-based product that focused on monitoring and controlling the total energy consumption of our buildings.  Envirotrols Group provided that for us. By focusing on demand control, we are reducing our carbon footprint, lowering our operating costs, and improving our operating margins.  Also, by monitoring all HVAC units, we were able to reduce our maintenance cost by 28% with a savings of $44,000.” 
– Mike Frosaker
VP of Asset Management for Safeguard Self Storage

Envirotrols Group has just teamed up with another east coast self-storage company and anticipates similar results for its new client. 

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