Variable Frequency Drives Save School Instantly!

   Envirotrols Group Inc., in partnership with the Worcester County Board of Education, installed Toshiba Q9 VFD 's on Roof Top units pictured above at Snow Hill, MD Elementary School. The RTU's fan motor's horsepower was matched with a Toshiba Q9 VFD of the same HP and load rating. An immediate 18% drop in amps was seen by controlling the VFD  output frequency down by 10Hz. In addition to the electricity savings the school will also save on wear and tear of the motor and belts, reduce the noise output and help reduce carbon output from the electric company. *

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  Utilizing the Maryland Energy Program Rebates, Envirotrols Group, Inc.
 was able to help the school install all of the VFD's for $0. 

We are a registered Trade Ally with all of the participating Maryland Utilities.
 Let us help your small or large business take advantage of this amazing technology and energy savings program.

Contact us to see how you can install VFD's for your facilities.
 Plus, we will show you in writing how much energy savings your facility will generate after the VFD's are installed. 

Envirotrols Group is a certified Toshiba distributor and startup rep.
VFD easy install on control board inside Air Handler
Easy access to set and adjust parameters of VFD
6.7 Amp reading after VFD installed and set to 50 Hz Output Frequency.
8.2 Amp reading of fan motor without VFD