​​​ ​What We Do
 Envirotrols Group began in 2001 as Telco Envirotrols, Inc., providing building automation to the telecom industry.
 Partnering with ASI Controls of San Ramon, CA we developed a panel tailored for HVAC control of small-to-medium 
 size phone buildings. Our installed base is greater than 2800 phone facilities and can be found in dial offices,
 central offices, and work centers across the country.

 Initially selling Bard Manufacturing wall-mount HVAC units into that same telecom market, we transitioned into 
 selling Bard’s Engineered Products into the school market as well. Coupled with this change was installing controls
 into other kinds of facilities. Types of automation projects diversified into new areas, including schools, 
 small manufacturing facilities, retirement homes, a wholesale nursery, military radar shelters, etc.
 With this shift in our customer base, we changed our name to Envirotrols Group, Inc. to better reflect the variety
 of projects on which we were working.

 In 2009 Envirotrols Group entered the energy management market. ASI Controls product line was well-versed for 
 monitoring and controlling energy usage, and by working with Dent Instruments of Bend, OR, we integrated its 
 PowerScout into our energy management system. By means of live, real-time power usage information provided 
 by the PowerScout, the ASI system is able to quickly control the HVAC and lighting equipment, providing significant
 savings in both energy consumption and electric demand. And customers discovered another unanticipated benefit:
 through the system’s trending and graphs, they can better manage their HVAC equipment, saving money in preventive
 maintenance and being proactive in keeping equipment in good repair. Several national self-storage companies 
 have seen paybacks of less than two years and in the aggregate have saved more than $ 3.7 million in energy costs
 using our energy management systems.

 What Makes Us Unique

  • Our commitment to a long-term relationship with our customer drives the sale. We listen carefully to what the customer wants, give him the best options we have, and apply the ‘if it were our checkbook’ assessment to the solutions we have offered. We do what is necessary to make job right, and the manufacturers we represent are of the same mentality.

  • We firmly hold to a non-proprietary philosophy. We believe when a project is commissioned and turned over to a customer, the customer is in the driver’s seat. We are opposed to retaining control of a system – we feel our customers are intelligent, skilled people who have the ability to operate and maintain the system they have purchased, and the desire to control it themselves. Unlike many of our competitors, our policy is not to require a customer to write a PO each time they want to make a change. We prefer to coach them on how to make the change in the software they own. To ensure our customer’s proficiency, training is always part of a project’s scope. On energy management systems we have a six month ‘parallel policy’ where we share control of the system with the customer to make sure he understands operation of the system, thereby ensuring the best savings. These types of assistance create a self-sufficient client, and a self-sufficient client is often our best sales tool.

  • We locate the products and services that are most cost-effective in the long run for the customer. We realize the cheapest up-front cost quite often does not translate into the best overall value. We partner with reliable manufacturers who design quality products to run as promised, keep an eye towards easy and minimal maintenance, and stand fully behind what they make.

  • We provide quality and consistency to our customers. All of our product, programming, and project managers comes out of our sole office in Delmar, Delaware. This means that whether a project is in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, etc., our customers get the same results from our same employees, not different people from different branch offices across the country.​

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